Jina Soft Style Boiler & Electrical Consulting & Solutions


 Nizar Ul Haq

Diploma in Electrical Engg

Diploma in Computer 

Diploma in Mechanical

C Class Boiler

PLC Programming Professional

 Welcome to Jina Soft Style

  • We are an innovative Green Jina Soft Style Consultancy that works with companies and organizations to make them more profitable, efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • We can help you streamline and enhance your existing Boiler & Electrical systems and introduce you to new Boiler & Electrical technologies that can save money on your energy bills and have a positive effect on the environment. 
  • During these difficult economic times, JinaSoftStyle is the     Boiler & Electrical Automation solution you need.

 Our main goals are:

  • To reduce your Boiler & Electrical energy consumption, therefore saving you money.
  • Increase your environmental sustainability and reduce your carbon emissions.
  • Streamline your current computer systems and increase business productivity.
  • To Educate people through our specialist seminars and Training Programs.

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